Will's readers wish he'd forgotten to log out on after borrowing their their computers, too.

To the folks reading at home, Mr. Flybottle is presently sitting pretty in a fold-out camping chair in an undisclosed location in our fair capital city.

Florida and Ohio still remain to be called, clearly because of the Badnarik spoiler. Rumor has it that UN employees are already packing up their desks.

Love and anarchic blogging,


It is done. The duty of citizenship has been discharged. My polling place was the perfect setting: the middle school gym. Sadly, there was nothing much to vote against in DC. There is nothing quite like the simple satisfaction of voting against bond issues one after the other. I did get to vote for shadow rep, an idea than which there is none more useless. Carol Schwartz, you have my heart. And I've got a very good feeling about Badnarik. An upset is imminent!

Your Poems

Wow! Donations are rolling into The Fly Bottle taking me up on offers for personalized poems. You won't be sorry! That said, it may take me a couple of days to write your poem. I'm rather distracted today by some good news, and the elections. But I'll get on it tomorrow. Some poems will require research. For instance, I must now learn something about Halo II in order to write an ode to it.

Back in Amerikkka

I've returned from Canadia. Cato U was a great time, and it seems that my talk was well-received. Quebec City is incredibly quaint. I found the Quebecois rather sweet, defying expectations.

I met a lot of great folks at the seminar, but I think my favorite new acquaintance may be Monte Solberg, a Conservative Party MP from Alberta, who, besides giving a very rousing talk (“Long live a free Canda!”), bought a poor semi-employed quasi-grad student a few beers. A man I'd feel good voting for! Take heed Medicine Hat.

The main news in Canada was, well, the American election. The CBC coverage was amusing, a bit like a CNN who had heard of Republicans in rather the way Margaret Mead readers have heard of Samoans. Being Canadian, the newscasters were clearly putting in a solid effort at fairness, but, being Canadian, they seemed to be simply baffled and amazed by the fact that Bush could very well win again. Well, we'll see.


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