Liberty Island!

— This is a hilarious article. It's about libertarian disenchantment with the republicans. But the funny thing is the small-worldness of it, given that every libertarian in the article, other than the Gene Berkman dude, is more or less part of the same social network. Now, I work with Alina at IHS. Alina and Radley are well acquainted. I live where I do because of social connections through Julian. Julian slept on my couch when he moved here, and then moved into Gene Healy's basement. And I've slept on Gene's floor, now that I think of it. And Gene's girlfriend writes on Radley's blog. I don't know Jim as well, but I know him! I chatted with David Boaz JUST HOURS AGO. And the author of the article, Shachtman, admits to having gone to Georgetown with Healy. So, I think we can conclude that he really busted his hump to get at all those diverse libertarian opinions. You know, from people with unique circumstances and points of view, who've never been in each others houses, who don't read every word the others write, and who don't get their opinions from each other. If all libertarians are blogging, Dean-leaning, Washington, DC libertarians, who at one point or another were Koch Fellows and/or have worked at the Cato Institute, then that might really throw a wrench in an election. Way to dig, Noah!

[Hello there Instapundit & Virginia P. readers! I love you all.]

  • Churchill, not Smith, I take it.

  • Maybe Zeddemore.

  • simon

    congrats to the shelter doggy who’s going to get euthanized since you had to get a dog from a breeder.

    • You make me want to go buy 12 puppy mill dogs.

    • And congrats to all the impoverished adoptable children who live lives of misery because all the people who insisted on producing their own.

      • And congrats to all the starving children who’ll won’t be fed because Simon decided to use so much of his money on his own damned preferences.

    • That’s not very nice.

  • And, genuine congrats on the cute dog that will hopefully bring you guys lots of pleasure.

    • Quite right. He’s a good-looking little guy, too. What breed?

  • Jen


  • Greg N.

    Some fucking killjoys up in here. Congratulations on the cutest dog ever! I love his feet and his floppy ears!

    My pugs say they want to play with little Winston, so if distance is ever eliminated, it’s a date!

  • Winston tastes good like a little doggie should.

  • JDB

    Looks like a Vizsla, if I’m not mistaken. If that’s what he is, you’ve got yourself a hell of a dog. I’ve encountered a good few of them and they’re just a fantastic breed. Either way, he is adorable, and getting a new puppy is always very exciting.

    And to all the sanctimonious naysayers out there: getting a dog from a reputable, experienced breeder who is willing to guarantee his animal often insures that the dog you get will be healthy and have a balanced temperament. A large chunk of dogs in shelters are there because people want a certain breed but don’t want to spend money to get a decent dog, so they cheap out and buy a puppy from some prick with two dogs that he keeps in his backyard. The puppies wind up having all kinds of health and behavioral problems (the latter is every bit as much the result of nature as it is nurture) and their owners dump them at animal shelters. So, good for you, Will, for picking the dog that you actually want and will take care of instead of taking a gamble on a shelter dog that could might well wind up back in the shelter.

  • JDB

    Ack! That last sentence was disastrous. I hope you get my meaning.

  • Steve M

    Is Winston named after the protagonist of 1984?

  • Winston is named Winston because he looks like a Winston.

    • Steve M.

      That answer smacks of Kripke.

  • Sigivald

    You’re not fooling me, that’s a woman!

  • Guest

    Is Winston secretly a conservative?! A fine conservative name after all !

  • kai

    cute! and Winston looks good, too

  • Having had shelter dogs all my life, I am now in the embarrasing position of having to find a breeder (I need a hunting dog). I say “embarrasing” because my wife and I run a charity devoted to animal rescue.

    The key to getting a good shelter dog is to not be afraid to take it back (hopefully for an exchange at the same shelter). A well-run shelter will understand, and while you may think in your darkest moments that you are taking this animal back to certain death you must realise that you can’t save them all. Remember that you’re saving the life of the replacement dog.

  • Gino

    a dog is but a dog.
    a lowly filthy beast wholly dependent on his master.

    give me a cat,anyday

  • Rishi Gajria

    You named him after a brand of cigarettes. How cool!

  • Rishi Gajria


    Cats aren’t very clean either. They do poo-poos indoors and cause allergies.

  • Rishi Gajria

    But both cats and dogs and many other animals are lovable so no bias there. But in the immediate match-up, dogs rule over cats.

  • HGH

    So sweet dog. I love pets a lot especially dogs.