First the smoking idiocy, now

First the smoking idiocy, now this! These freaks in Montgomery County are making me glad to live in rather less chi chi Prince Georges County (for a change). If you can set the cops on your neighbor because you don't like the odor coming from their place, can't we in PG County do something about the odious smells coming from MoCo?

  • Someone should sell libertarian “purity” rings…they could be worn as a badge of honor that says, “Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote.”

  • I might “vote” McCain to be hip. That sounds awesome.

    • webgrrl

      I’m still seeing downtown girls ironically wearing Sarah Palin’s hairstyle.

      • Steve M.

        Depending on who the downtown girls are, this might not be so ironic. Sarah Palin is without substance. I can imagine several meanings of “downtown girl” on which that is the downtown girls’ distinguishing characteristic.

  • muirgeo

    Funny how people who don’t watch Colbert regularly mistake the true point he was making. What a great schtick he has.

  • Yes you can’t!

  • Tushar

    Except uhhh..he said “except really!” which u were too blindly partisan to read

    • John V


  • So does Colbert even understand Will’s argument that he dismisses with such vigor?

  • Depending on who the downtown girls
    are, this might not be so ironic

  • how awesomes

  • MichaelDrew

    Sorry, but this is dense. It’s not about national pride in innovation, it’s about where the technologies that turn out to be marketable end up being manufactured — jobs, jobs jobs. if the technology is developed here, the argument goes, there is a better chance that their mass manufacture will occur here as well. That may not turn out to be true, but I don’t think it’s clear one way or the other at this point, and it’s certainly plausible in my estimation. In any case, it’s not about USA, USA, it’s about American jobs.

  • If only the US government will put hubris away, lock it up for a moment and realize that this is not a game of racing, then we would now be basking in the benefits and rewards of abundant green jobs and projects. Sigh* we’ve wasted enough budget, time, and effort. Will we ever learn?