Although I doubt he is

Although I doubt he is taking up my challenge to present a non-fluff argument against cloning, Dawson of teases us with this:

Until I have time to expound, expatiate and yes, eviscerate, on the very real evils of cloning, I leave you this quotation from one of my favorite authors:
“A person is a person no matter how small.” ~Dr. Suess

Dr. Suess's point is tautological. What does it have to do with the morality of cloning?

Bob Barr has big balls!

Bob Barr has big balls! While most Republicans stand mute as the President cedes new powers to himself and the state and conducts the war like a benevolent despot, Rep. Barr tells it like it is on civil liberties issues.

Barr, unlike many in Congress, at least knows what his job isn't:

Most people up here, Republicans especially, don't like to make waves. They prefer to sit back and go with the flow, or they might not speak out because it might be contrary to what the Republican president wants. But I was not elected to represent the president.

From The YWCA of


The YWCA of Middle Tennessee recently ran an ad in both the Nashville Scene and Nashville's City Paper depicting the blurred image of a young boy walking up to his front door. The caption: “One day he'll own his own house…raise his own kids…beat his own wife.”

It's part of an anti-domestic abuse campaign. Apparently the small print at the bottom of the ad explains “the cycle of abuse” and the ad is supposed to be about that. Sucks to be a boy these days. Saw an elementary school girl with this shirt on a while back: “Girls Rule, Boys Drool!” Yeah… that and they're destined to beat the living shit out of you.

James Taranto of Best of

James Taranto of Best of the Web demonstrates mocking disregard for civil rights when he gladly cites poll data to show that people who care about liberty are out of touch with most Americans. The data show most Americans approving of such things as indefinite, secret state imprisonment for trivial offenses and the ability of the state to legally eavesdrop on conversations between the accused and their defenders. Taranto seems quite pleased that the populace's “overriding priority is to win the war.” However, there is no clear indication that these policies are helping to win the war. And it is disturbing that an emergency can so easily cause so many Americans to disregard the importance of other people's rights.